Introducing the USB SideFlipper

The USB SideFlipper offers a compact, fast, quiet and simple method of automating a beam path control. It provides a self-powered method of control unmatched in size, simplicity, and cost.

  • USB Powered and controlled Optical Flipper.
  • Motorized, flipping of filters, mirrors, or lens.
  • Holds standard 1.0” (25mm) optics with 1.0” mounting/retaining rings.
  • Built-in magnetic position sensor provides positive real time feedback of the Flipper’s position.
  • Flipper mounts on standard optical tables with ¼-20 screws on 1.0” centers.
  • Low power motor is energized only when lifting the optic (extending). A spring returns it to the retracted position in case of power failure.
  • Smooth, quiet, long life stepper motor operation for extending or retracting the optic (no solenoid type clunking).
  • USB hot pluggable with auto-detection.
  • Easy to use Windows (XP or higher) based User Interface software, DLL and LabView examples included.
  • Multi flipper systems with externally power USB hubs and longer USB cables are available.

USB Side Flipper Software

A Windows based user interface is provided for the control of the USB SideFlipper. Status (red/green) indicators on the panel will provide indication of whether the Flipper is properly connected and whether it is extended or retracted. Each Flipper is identified by its serial number, click boxes and button is used to select the mode and toggle the position of the Flipper.

A DLL file is provided to integrated the USB SideFlipper control into your automated test system or product application.

Further Details

  • Data Sheet
  • Software Download
  • Cost: $498 each, plus shipping and handling.

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