Introducing the USB Filter Wheel

The Picard USB optical filter wheel offers a small, quiet and simple motorized method of automating the selection of up to six different filters at a relatively low cost. The unit comes complete with a 3 meter USB cable and Windows software, which runs on any standard PC with a Windows-NT/XP/VISTA operating system with a USB port. The USB port provides the means to power and control the filter wheel. It provides a self-powered method of motor control that is unmatched in size, simplicity, and cost.

  • USB powered and controlled filter wheel system that is simple and easy to use.
  • Holds six standard 1.0” (25mm) optics with 1.0” mounting/retaining rings.
  • All filter positions have clear apertures (no filter positions are obstructed).
  • Mounts on standard optical tables with 1⁄4 – 20 screws on 1.0” centers.
  • Motorized or manual override control of the filter wheel’s position.
  • Low power, motor is energized only when the filter wheel moves (changing positions).
  • Quiet long life stepper motor operation for repeatable filter wheel positioning.
  • Absolute positional sensing is used to insure proper wheel positioning.
  • USB hot pluggable with auto-detection.
  • Easy to use Windows (XP and higher) based User Interface software, LabView example and DLL file included.
  • Includes 1 meter USB cable.

USB Filter Wheel Software

The provided Windows based user interface can individually control the USB Filter Wheel. The status (red/green) indicator on the panel will provide an indication of whether the filter wheel is properly connected to the USB port and its positional location. The Run, Stop and arrow buttons are clicked with the mouse to move the filter wheel to new positions. Each filter wheel is identified by its serial number located on its base. Descriptive labels can also be assigned to each unit.

Further Details

Cost: $875 each, including an externally powered USB hub and cables, plus shipping and handling.

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