Introducing the USB Motor Controller II

The USB Motor II is a relatively low cost system for precision linear motion. Powered and controlled solely by a standard USB port, this system provides the method of linear motion control unmatched in size, simplicity, and ease of use.The USB Motor II application software runs on any standard PC with Windows-XP with a USB port. This user interface provides for velocity (step speed), and position (step) control. All position movements are relative to the home (fully retracted) position. A built-in magnetic (Hall) sensor is used to establish this home position. The software provides a homing function to properly use this sensor.

  • Small Low cost stepper motor (USB) control system ($ 395.00 single piece price).
  • Draws power from a standard USB port.
  • Small Motor size of 20mm square (size 8).
  • Force of about 1.0 Kg Loads (~2.2 pounds).
  • Linear range motion of about 9mm (~0.375”).
  • Position resolution of 1.5 microns (0.00006”).
  • Power efficient, holds position with no power.
  • Built-in magnetic (Hall effect) home sensor.
  • PC Windows interface for easy motion control Includes LabView Drivers and C++ DLL files.

USB Motor Controller II Software

To the left is a screen shot of the control software that is provided with the USB Motor II device. This software comes on a CD and will auto-install upon insertion into any standard PC with a Windows-XP/VISTA operating system. After the software has been successfully loaded, simply insert the motor’s serial number and attach the USB-Motor II to a standard USB port. The software will auto-detect the connection and allow you to begin controlling the position of the motor.

Further Details

Cost: $395 each, plus shipping and handling.

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