Introducing the USB Linear Slide II

The USB Linear Slide II is a motorized precision linear slide for automated applications. Powered and controlled solely by a standard USB port, this system provides the method of automated control unmatched in size, simplicity, and ease of use.

The USB-Slide application software runs on any standard PC with Windows-XP and higher with a standard USB port. This user interface provides for velocity (step speed), and position (step) control. All position movements are relative to the home (fully retracted) position. A built-in magnetic (Hall) sensor is used to establish this home position. Each USB Linear Slide II has a unique serial number to allow multiple devices to be controlled with the use of a powered USB Hub.

  • Small precision stepper motor controlled linear slide ($665 each, single piece).
  • Draws power from a standard USB port , no external power supply required.
  • Fully self-contained, with onboard control and driver electronics.
  • Small size of 4.3 cm X 9.2 cm (1.7” X 3.6”).
  • Move loads of over 1.0 Kg (~2.2 pounds).
  • Linear range motion of about 9mm (~0.35”).
  • Positional resolution of 1.5 um (0.00006”).
  • Low power , holds position with no power.
  • Built-in magnetic (Hall effect) home sensor.
  • PC Windows (XP and higher) based user interface included for easy “out of the box” motion control.
  • LabView and C source code examples, including a DLL file of functions for custom automated application.

USB Linear Slide II Software

To the left is a screen shot of the control software that is provided with the USB-Motor/Slide system. This software is downloaded from our website. The setup process will automatically install the software which includes a Desktop Icon.

After the software has been successfully loaded, simply attach the USB-Slide II to a USB port with the provided cable. Enter the unit’s serial number and click the Set configuration button. The software will auto-detect the connection in the Status box and allow you to begin controlling the position of the motor/slide.

Further Details

Cost: $665 each, plus shipping and handling.

Contact us below for orders, queries, quantity discounts or custom applications of this device.