Introducing the USB Twister III

The USB-Twister III is a unique, relatively low cost, stepper motor control system for simple rotary motion. It is powered and controlled solely by a standard USB port. This system provides the method of rotary motion control unmatched in size, simplicity, and ease of use.

The USB-Twister includes Windows based application software that runs on any standard PC with Windows-XP or higher and a USB port. This user interface provides for velocity (step speed), and position (step) control. All positioning movements are relative to a Zero (user selectable) position.

  • Small low cost, rotary stepper motor control system ($225.00 single piece price).
  • Powered and controlled from a standard USB port.
  • Small motor size of 20mm square (size 8).
  • Torque force of about 1.0 N-cm (~2 in-oz).
  • Continuous and absolute rotary motions.
  • Position resolution of 1.8 degrees (200 step/rev).
  • USB Hot pluggable with Auto-detection.
  • Multi-motor control with self-powered USB Hubs.
  • Power efficient, power used only when moving.
  • Selectable step speeds and jog intervals.
  • PC Windows interface for easy motion control Includes LabView Examples and DLL file.

USB Twister III Software

The software will auto-detect the connection and allow you to begin controlling the position of the motor. Multiple motors can be connected by using externally powered USB hubs. Open multiple applications of this software and assign each with the serial numbers of the USB-Twister motors. LabView examples and DLL files will allow the user to automate this control functionality directly into their own custom application.

Further Details

Cost: $225 each, plus shipping and handling.

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