Introducing the USB Iris Shutter

  • USB powered and controlled (25mm) motorized Iris.
  • Iris can be completely close and act as a Shutter.
  • Also holds 1.0” optics in the center with 1.0” mounting/retaining rings (included).
  • About 200 aperture selections from closed to fully open.
  • Mounts on standard optical tables with ¼-20 /M6 screws on 1.0”/ 25mm centers.
  • Iris can be manually (override) controlled.
  • Low power, motor is energized only when the rotator is moving.
  • Absolute positional sensing is used to insure proper positioning, no power-up homing required.
  • USB Hot pluggable with Auto-detection.
  • Easy to use Windows (XP and higher) based User Interface software, DLL file included.
  • Multiple units can be operated with an externally powered USB Hub and cables.

USB Iris Shutter Software

The provided Windows based user interface can control a single USB Iris Shutter. Status (red/green) indicators on the panel will provide indication of whether the Iris is properly connected to the USB hub/port and its positional location. The Run, Stop and arrow buttons are clicked with the mouse to move the Iris to a new position. Each is identified by its serial number located on its base. A descriptive label can also be assigned to each unit. The assignment is stored with the serial number. Below is a sample of what the user interface panel looks like.

Further Details

Cost: $1,120, plus shipping and handling.

Contact us for any questions, orders, quantity discounts or custom applications of this device.