Introducing the USB XYZ Stage

Picard’s XYZ-Stage system offers a compact, efficient and simple method of remotely positioning a 2-Kg load in three dimensions. Each linear axis has 25 mm of range with 0.75 um incremental step motion. The Stage provides a USB-powered method of positional control unmatched in size, simplicity, and cost. The system comes complete with custom application software that operates on any standard PC with WindowsXP (or higher) with a USB 2.0 port.

A wireless USB Space Mouse is provided with this stage for manual control. It allows you to remotely position the stage with a single hand without losing sight of your load. This is very useful for inspection type applications.

  • USB controlled 3-Dimensional Linear Stage for moving up to 2.0 Kg loads.
  • Three axis linear stage with 25 mm of travel of each X, Y, and Z axis.
  • Each stepper motor based linear actuator has 0.75 um full steps.
  • Mounts on standard optical tables with M6 screws on 25 mm centers.
  • Low USB powered motors are energized only when moving.
  • Built-in magnetic Home sensors for detecting the fully retracted position.
  • USB hot pluggable with auto-detection of actuators.
  • Includes wireless 3D-Space Mouse.
  • Easy to use Windows (XP and higher) based User Interface software, LabView examples and a DLL file included for integrating control into your own application.

USB XYZ Stage Software

After the software has been successfully loaded, simply click the XYZ Stage icon on the desktop. The software will auto-detect the connections and display the Status of each axis and if properly connected, allow you to begin controlling the Stage with the User Interface or the Space Mouse.

To be properly connected, the 4-port USB Hub will need to be connected to an AC power source and its USB cable connected to the PC’s USB port. The serial numbers and other motor operating parameters may need to be entered. This is accomplished by clicking the “Settings” button. Upon a successful initial connection the linear (X, Y, and Z) motors should be Homed by clicking the “All Home” button, after which they can be moved to the desired positions.

Further Details

Cost: $3,895 each, plus shipping and handling.

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