Smart Motor and Sensor Products

Linear Motions: We have miniature actuators that are USB powered and controlled with an incremental motion smaller than 1.0um (0.00004″).
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Rotary Motions: We have small rotary stepper motors that are USB powered and controlled.
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Multi-Axis Motions: We offer miniature, multi-axis stage and platforms that are controlled with USB for ease of use.
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Optical: Many of our motors are used to automated Opto-mechanical devices.
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Product Development and
Customization Services

We can help you develop your new product ideas or customize our product offerings to fit your needs.

Electrical: Latest microcontroller based designs, schematic capture, and PCB layout

Mechanical: SolidWorks CAD designing and modeling

Software: Windows Visual C++ Embedded C development

•Electrical – PCB assembly
•Mechanical – Machining 3D printing
•Painting and plating services
•From Prototyping, to low and medium volume assembly

What’s New

Motorized (USB) Multi-Axis (XYZ, ØY) miniature Stage: Our latest design of a motorized 4-Axis stage being used in the OpenSpim project.
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Motorized (USB) 100mm Gradient filter Wheel: Motorized filter wheel that can automate the rotation of a gradient ND filter.
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Mini-Hexapod Platform: Our most sophisticated multi-axis platform for full 6-degrees of motion (X,Y,Z and their Rotation).
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